Character Creation

Make a 1st level character. Now your character receives 300 xp because you’re awesome. Advance that character to level 2. If it is a player’s first time playing D&D, then that player makes a level 1 character. His character will gain level 2 after the first encounter, at which time the DM and other players will help him level up his character.

Characters are created with the standard stat array or point buy method (27 points). All races and classes in the PHB.

During session 0, the group will cooperatively come up with a story of their first adventure together. This will become part of their characters’ backgrounds and will tell (at least part of) the tale of their journey from 1st to 2nd level. In this way the PCs begin the game having worked together at least once in the past.

You have until fourth level to rebuild or remake your character without penalty. This means you can change stats, class, archetype, or make a whole new character. If you make a new character, it will inherit all your old character’s xp.

After 4th level, you can still make a new character, but the new character will start with the minimum amount of xp for the level of the lowest party member. If you’re playtesting a class or archetype (like Nathan is), I may waive this “xp tax” if the playtest is behind the change in characters (e.g. the class doesn’t work, or WotC makes changes that lead to you not liking the class anymore).

I’ve been going through the Unearthed Arcana. Here are character options that are currently allowed in Primordia. If you don’t see something on here you want to play, ask me about it. I may have overlooked it, or there may be a way we can make it work in the world.

​Please note that any Unearthed Arcana material is playtest material. This means there may be changes made to how to how it works, either because WotC updates it, or I decide it needs to be changed.

Each option will give the source for that option. If you want to play something, but don’t have the source, let me know, and I can provide you with the information. If you’d like to know more about any of these options, let me know.

​Sources & Abbreviations
DMG – Dungeon Master’s Guide
​EEPC - ​"Elemental Evil Pla​yer’s Companion":
SCAG – Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
​UA1 - ​"Eberron":
​UA3 - ​Class Desi​gn Variants
​UA4 - ​Waterborne Adventures
​UA6 - ​Psionics
​UA8 - ​Ranger Options
​UA9 - ​Prestige Classes and Rune Magic
​UA10 - ​Underdark Characters

​Races & Subraces
​Aasimar [DMG]
​​Goliath [EEPC]
​Minotaur [UA4]
​Psion [UA6]

Gray Dwarves (Duergar) [SCAG]

Eladrin [DMG]

Air Genasi [EEPC]
Earth Genasi [EEPC]
Fire Genasi [EEPC]
Water Genasi [EEPC]

Ghostwise Halflings [SCAG]

Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin) [SCAG]

Half-Elf Variants (including Eladrin) [SCAG]

Tiefling Variants [SCAG]

​Classes & Archetypes
Path of the Battlerager [SCAG]
​Path of the Totem Warrior – Elk and Tiger [SCAG]

Arcana Domain [SCAG]

Banneret (Purple Dragon Knight) [SCAG]

Way of the Long Death [SCAG]
​Way of the Sun Soul [SCAG]

Oath of the Crown [SCAG]

Deep Stalker [UA10]
​Ranger with No Sells [UA3]
​Ranger Variant [UA8]

Mastermind [SCAG]
​Swashbuckler [SCAG]

Favored Soul [UA3]
​Shadow [UA10]
​Storm Sorcery [SCAG]

The Undying [SCAG]
​The Undying Light [UA10]

Artificer [UA1]
​​Bladesinging [SCAG]

​Prestige Classes
Rune Scribe [UA9]

City Watch [SCAG]
​Clan Crafter [SCAG]
​Cloistered Scholar [SCAG]
​Courtier [SCAG]
​Faction Agent [SCAG]
​Far Traveler [SCAG]
​Inheritor [SCAG]
​Knight of the Order [SCAG]
​Mercenary Veteran [SCAG]
​Urban Bounty Hunter [SCAG]
​Uthgardt Tribe Member [SCAG]
​Waterdhavian Noble [SCAG]

Character Creation

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